Frequently asked questions

- What is the difference between tests?

The CoVid-19 Test is for those who suspect they may be currently infected with CoVid-19 as they are experiencing the symptoms or have been exposed to a CoVid-19 positive person.

While on the other hand, the Antibody Test is for those who are not currently feeling sick but still wanted to be tested to find out if they have been previously infected and recovered from CoVid-19. The patients can order any combination of the tests offered by Miller BioConnect.

- Will the test results be reported to the county health department?

Definitely yes! All the results will be reported daily to the patient’s county of residence. We are required to report the results.

- How soon after suspected exposure to CoVid-19 should a person be tested?

We recommend you always consult your physician. There are growing evidence and agreement in the medical community that testing for CoVid-19 at day three and day ten is prudent. However, it is recommended for a person to immediately isolate themselves for 14 days after exposure.

- I pre-registered but wasn’t able to be tested. Will I still get a refund?

Of course! We will not take your money if you didn’t use it. If you did not get tested, you may still be subject to a refund. For refund purposes, you may contact us immediately.

- Where are you located?

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- What are your hours?

Mon-Fri 9 AM–5PM
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Sunday 8 AM–10 AM
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- Which test should I take if I am traveling?

It depends on where you are flying to. The most common test for traveling purposes is the RT-PCR. It is the most accurate test. For more information, please contact your airline or destination's embassy.

- When Do I get my results?

a. If you are taking the Rapid Antigen Test, your results will be in within 15 minutes from the time your test is taken. b. If you are taking the RT-PCR, your results would be received the following day before midnight. c. Please note that your test will be shipped to the lab the day you take your test unless you arrive later that 4:30 PM. Then your test will be shipped the following day.

- How accurate is the RT-PCR test?

The accuracy is greater than or equal to 99%. This type of test will detect RNA (genetic material) in the virus, within the following days after infection and will work as well for those who have no symptoms.