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Download and fill those 4 documents before taking your test

Rapid COVID-19 Molecular RT-NAAT Test

CUE Health rapid NAAT Now COVID-19 Assay

Generally, results are out within 20 minutes

Test Information

Fact Sheet for Patients

EUA Letter from the FDA

  • Specificity: ≥98%

  • Sensitivity: ≥99%



Cue is a rapid and connected test, based on the molecular diagnostic system.

The Cue Health Monitoring System is a fast, small and portable testing platform. There is no compromise in performance or accuracy. The test uses molecular diagnostic technology to bring reliable results in less than 20 minutes.


The tip of the cotton swab will be carefully inserted into both nostrils. The swab doesn’t need to be far inserted inside, but just until the cotton tip of the swab is no longer that visible. The swab is then carefully rotated in a circular motion around the entire inside edge of each nostril at least three times.


COVID-19 Antibody Test


Generally, results are out within 15 minutes

Test Information

Fact Sheet for Patient

Fact Sheet for Health Care Provider

EUA Letter from the FDA

Serology Test Evaluation Report

  • Specificity: 99.8%

  • Sensitivity: 99.5% when ≥ 14 days post PCR confirmation of prior COVID-19 infection


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The COVID-19 Antibody Test is also available at Miller BioConnect. The test collection detects the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 (AKA COVID-19) antibodies in the patient’s blood. This test has Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Data published on the FDA’s website suggests this test has a specificity of 99.8% and sensitivity of 99.5% when ≥ 14 days post PCR confirmation of prior COVID-19 infection. Results are generally available within two to five days and will be delivered to the patient.


Miller BioConnect service includes pre-test screening, specimen collection, presentation of results, and a post-result telemedicine consultation with a Miller BioConnect healthcare professional.

thermo fisher scientific taqpath covid-19 combo kit

Meets most travel restriction requirements


The swab is sent overnight to the lab and results will be delivered within 24 hours from arrival to the lab.



Miller BioConnect offers rapid COVID-19 RT-PCR testing services. This testing meets the requirements for most travel restrictions; however, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to review any applicable travel restrictions before booking an appointment to ensure the service will meet the patient’s travel restriction requirement(s).


The specimen is collected by a nasopharyngeal swab. Please note that most travel restrictions require that a traveler’s test specimen IS COLLECTED within 48 to 72 hours upon arrival at destination. 


Depending on the service level purchased, results can be delivered the same day or the next day. The availability of the three service levels varies by date, time, and testing location. Miller BioConnect is doing its best effort to contract with laboratories that will meet an individual’s required testing turnaround time. However, since we do not solely own the laboratories affiliated, we cannot guarantee that results will be received within the requested time frame. If a same-day test result delivery time was not met, but the test result is delivered the following day, we will guarantee to automatically refund to an individual the amount equal to the difference between the cost of the same-day test and the cost of the next-day test. If a next-day delivery time is not met, but the result is delivered within 24 hours of the missed delivery commitment, Miller BioConnect will automatically refund fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the next-day test. 

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test


SARS Antigen FIA Test

Generally, results are out within 20 minutes

image (1).png


The Miller BioConnect is offering the SARS Antigen Test which has received authorization from the FDA. Please see attached file above ‘’Test Information’’. 

Process and Result

A specimen sample is collected by undergoing a nasal swab. A cotton swab is inserted into the nose and is slowly and carefully rotated around in a circular motion inside the edge of the nostril at least three times. The authorized medical staff and reader will carefully examine it. The result will be available within 20 minutes and is delivered to the patient through the email provided (with the individual’s consent).


You can also click on the ‘’Fact Sheet for Patients’’ to see more details about it.

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