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Attention Hawaii Travelers

Hawaii’s restriction requires travellers to be tested by specific providers to insure security. Do not purchase a test from us to go to Hawaii until we are added to Hawaii’s Testing Partners list. If you want us to be added to Hawaii’s partners list, contact by email Lt. Gov. Green at


COVID-19 Recommended Travel Tests

You will find on this page free resources to help you with your travels. We try our best to have our information accurate, but the situation can evolve and some information may not be instantly updated, so please just consider this page as help and double-check the information as we do not guarantee the accuracy of the data. 

Always ask for confirmation from the airline you are using and read the government guidelines in the destination country.  We do not offer specific guidance for any destination or airline. Please ask directly to your airline company for more information.

Assure Tech. Assure COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Device

Developer: Assure Tech. (Hangzhou Co., Ltd)
Test: Assure COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Device
Technology: Lateral Flow
Target: Spike and Nucleocapsid


COVID-19 Testing for Domestic Travel in the USA


COVID-19 Testing for Travel from USA to the World

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Frequently Asked Questions

- Are tests conducted by Miller BioConnect ‘’CLIA Certified’’ using ‘’FDA EUA’’ tests?

Definitely yes! We believe that it is important for a traveler to be equipped with the proper and right requirements and undergo testing. As part of our service, we are dedicated to providing you with the best travel plan package that might suit your needs. If you need more information, our healthcare professionals are ready to assist you. You may contact us for guidance.

- Is testing safe?

All of our testing sites are guaranteed safe and convenient. Our healthcare professionals will be glad to help and assist you.

- Are there age restrictions at your testing site?

No. We care for your health. This means that we care for you and we can help you regardless of your age. Just don’t hesitate to contact us. Miller BioConnect caters to patients of all ages even infants.

-Is there a center where I can get COVID travel testing near me?

To know more about the available locations, you may check at Miller BioConnect’s location here. We have different schedules so please check back regularly. However, if you’re far from our testing sites, the option is to do a drop by or layover in any of our locations you preferred and we will be glad to help you. Furthermore, we have extended our operational time and day so it will be convenient to be tested whenever possible.

- Can Miller BioConnect help me if I need paperwork for travel that needs to be filled up?

Yes, we can help you the best we can. There are many travel destinations that have restrictions and COVID-19 testing is one of their requirements. If there is any required certifying paperwork, we can help you with that. Typically, it is already included in our fee, however, we may ask for a small amount if there is complicated paperwork to do.

- I need a COVID-19 travel testing asap. Can you help me?

Absolutely yes! That’s why our company was formed for this purpose. We can help you. There are many of our locations that offer PCR Testing with results delivered on the same day. There are also travel destinations that accept our Abbott ID Now Test which can give you the result as early as 20 minutes. However, it might be better if you check your destination’s testing requirements first to see which one you need the most.

What does my travel destination require for COVID testing?

The COVID-19 Testing requirements and other restrictions are changing. So as a traveler, you’re also responsible to do research about travel requirements and restrictions of your destinations. We cannot guarantee any test as an acceptable test for a particular country or state.

- Do I still need a Doctor’s Order to be tested by Miller BioConnect? Do I need an appointment?

There is no need for a separate doctor’s order or prescription just to be tested in our clinic. We are conveniently accessible. Although an appointment is still required, we are available at most of our locations even for the same-day result when necessary.

- Will it be covered by insurance?

Miller BioConnect is not in contract with any insurance providers. But some of our patients are presenting our receipts to their insurance companies for reimbursement purposes, however, it is still up to you and your health insurance to determine if travel testing is covered.


Processing COVID-19 travel requirements can be difficult and crucial. This FAQ page contains the most asked questions we received from travelers and clients. Miller BioConnect is a reliable company dedicated to assisting all people that need help during this pandemic.